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  • Do I need to be British to play for the club?
    No! The majority of our players are from the UK, but we welcome any nationality. We have players from multiple other English-speaking countries but we also have lots of players for whom English is not their first language.
  • What level of English do I need to join the club?
    We don't have a minimum requirement but given that all of the communication (training, matches, organisational, social etc.) is done in English, it is definitely an advantage to be able to speak and understand English at a basic level. However, we have many Spanish-speakers on the team so if there are people on hand if you are unsure of something or would like something translated.
  • Is it free to play for Fútbol Club Británico?
    No, given the running costs associated with a federated team, we ask for a joining fee and then subsequent monthly payments. We also offer a student discount.
  • When is training?
    Training is currently on Wednesday evenings in Plaza Eliptica from 21:15-22:30. You can see the location of the pitch here .
  • What sort of level do Fútbol Club Británico play at?
    Currently we are playing in Tercera Regional, the lowest category of the Spanish football pyramid. Having said this, unlike the UK, the pyramid doesn't continue to accommodate all levels of amateur footballer like the UK pyramid does. Our league is Tier 8 of the Spanish football pyramid. Officially, only the top two tiers of Spanish football are considered as professional and all tiers below this are official considered to be amateur, although in reality, tiers 3-6 are similar to non-league semi professional football in the UK. The majority of our team have played in competitive leagues before so our team is not really suited to people who haven't played competitively before or who are looking for a casual kick around - competing at this level requires a commitment to regular training and matches and suitable physical preparation.
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