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Living in Madrid

Whatever your priorities when deciding where to live, Madrid has something for everyone. The historic city has winding streets, storied bars and sun-kissed squares, with mountains in the distance and pearl blue skies above.

From the iconic Plaza Mayor to the world-renowned Museo del Prado, Madrid has plenty to keep tourists busy but the best experiences are reserved for those who call it home.

It's big enough to house more bars than any other city on earth, but small enough that when the night is done you can still walk home.

At its centre are shopping streets, markets and squares while dotted all around are public swimming pools, famous football stadiums and sprawling parks.

Around the edges sit the mountains, for hiking in summer and skiing in winter, while trains will take you to Barcelona in two hours and Seville in three. Madrid is a city sure of itself and proud of its roots.

To live here is to live the Spanish life, language and culture to its fullest.

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