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Playing football and teaching English in Madrid - Life as an auxiliar de conversación and a Británico

About the author: James McKittrick studied languages at University in the UK before coming out to Madrid to work as a teaching assistant at a school in Madrid while also becoming Club Captain of Fútbol Club Británico. After having studied French and Spanish for four years at uni, the only thing I wanted to do was go back to Spain. I wanted to further develop my Spanish and live in another region of Spain. I chose Madrid for its liveliness, opportunity and location.

I applied to be an Auxiliar de Conversación through the British Council programme. I worked as an English language assistant in a primary school for two years and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The best part about living in Madrid was without a doubt playing football for the expat team FC Británico. I loved playing abroad and I learnt a lot immersing myself in Spanish football culture.

More importantly, I made friends for life from all over the world and this is what makes FC Británico so special. Both on and off the pitch, the club makes you feel at home and I always had a good time.

British Expat playing football in Madrid
James McKittrick captaining Fútbol Club Británico

James McKittrick

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