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Study abroad in Madrid - and a footballing education

About the author: Fionn is a geography student from Belfast who came to Madrid on a year abroad and decided to join Británicos to keep playing competitive football in an English-speaking environment. My time in Spain was a really rewarding experience. Throughout the 10 months I spent in Madrid I learned a lot and tried new things. Life as a student in Spain was really interesting, university was quite different to back home. However, I enjoyed the different atmosphere, I met some great people, learned a lot about Spanish culture and visited some beautiful places.

In Madrid there was always things to do with loads of great festivals, great nightlife

and so much food to try.

Looking back, I’m glad I joined FC Británico. Football has always been a great release for me, and I knew it would really help me get through those tough 10 months. At first, I found Spanish football to be quite intense and different to what I was used to, especially playing in such warm weather. I wasn’t sure how I’d adapt, but the club helped me a lot in adjusting to Spanish football and learning a lot about myself as a footballer. Eventually I learned that it’s important to never be afraid of making mistakes and always try to express myself on the pitch.

The social aspect of the club was also really important to me because it allowed me to meet people of different cultures and backgrounds, so I made a lot of good friends. The bond amongst the team is what I enjoyed the most about playing for Británicos and I’m lucky to have been a part of that.

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